August 31, 2016


Gryphon-Fit Prep Classes on Groupon

The purpose of the Gryphon-Fit Prep Classes is to equip you with the skills, technique and understanding of what it takes to become a successful “CrossFitter”.

Instructed by a certified CrossFit Trainer, You will be coached through all of the basic movements that will prepare you to enter the CrossFit classes

Our Classes are Designed to…

  • Introduce you to CrossFit Principles, Methods, and Standards of Fitness.
  • Teach functional movements and relate them to everyday tasks.
  • Establish training methods that facilitate measurable results.
  • Prepare you to maximize your health and fitness.
  • If approved by a trainer, you may test out of the Prep Classes. There is a one-time $100.00 fee to test out and this includes our equipment fee.

Private Coaching

If you are training for a specific event, or just would like private one-on-one coaching, private sessions are available by appointment.

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